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      We are happy to present you our shop – Ludetino. Here you can find food and service of best quality. Our shop is small and cosy, and we hope it will be affordable and available for you. We made our shop with plenty of love and efforts, and we are happy to know that there is a Bulgarian place where you can purchase the food you need and chat with friends.

      Here you can find fresh and carefully selected Bulgarian foods that can be shared with friends on working days and holidays. We know things have changed but we still try to choose the best and the tastiest products on the Bulgarian market in order to present them to you. Clients are our priority – we maintain the place clean, neat and cosy in order to provide service with European quality. We try to keep the Bulgarian hospitability, so you can always have a cup of coffee with us. If you want to experience the spirit of the Bulgarian atmosphere and environment, our shop is the right place.

      We hope to see you soon. Until then, keep working but don’t forget to have some fun!

Here you can find:

Hot snacks

Dairy products


Frozen products

Canned products


… and last but not least … Good friends!

Feel Welcome to find the Best Deals!

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